Vase Ball Retro BRTS 109

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Vase Ball Retro Silver – Capi Europe

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Vase Ball Retro Silver – Capi Europe

100% Waste

The collection is 100% climate neutral and has the CO2 Neutral® label. The planters are made in the Netherlands in our factory in Tilburg. With this collection Capi takes responsibility and tries to help solve one of the largest waste problems; fishing nets. These fishing nets are combined with old corks and recycled Capi planters to form high quality design planters for indoor and outdoor with a lifetime garantee.

With this collection we take care of our oceans, ourselves and the next generation.

Grow a greener life.


Grow a greener life.

Capi Europe makes special design planters for indoor and outdoor. With our different styles and textures, there is a fitting planter for everyone. A part of our production is fully CO2 neutral and is located in our own factory in Tilburg. Not only are the Capi planters made with high quality, but they are also very light while being solid and weather-resisting. 

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